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What is it?

An easy-to-use stream-based toolkit that you can use for media processing. All the features provided have predictable abstractions and join together coherently.

// This example will demux and decode an Opus-containing OGG file, and then write it to a file.
const prism = require('prism-media');
const fs = require('fs');

  .pipe(new prism.opus.OggDemuxer())
  .pipe(new prism.opus.Decoder({ rate: 48000, channels: 2, frameSize: 960 }))

The example above can work with either a native or pure JavaScript Opus decoder - you don't need to worry about changing your code for whichever you install.

  • FFmpeg support (either through npm modules or a normal installation)
  • Opus support (native or pure JavaScript)
  • Demuxing for WebM/OGG files (no modules required!)
  • Volume Altering (no modules required!)


The following dependencies are all optional, and you should only install one from each category (the first listed in each category is preferred)

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